Are you buying Christmas presents for people you hate? Stats say you are!

Spending money on Christmas

It’s a pretty British trait - doing something because we should. And who hasn’t felt like they have to buy a present for their sibling's partner, neighbour or flatmate or some point. It doesn’t cross your mind to spend cash on them, until they say something which makes you think they are getting you something, and then it gets awkward. And here’s the kicker - you don’t even like them that much.

Cashback site Quidco, has found that a whopping 93% of us will shell out an average of £62.80 a year on people we’re not particularly fond of.

Chocolates emerged as the most likely ‘grudge gift’ (think back to all those times you got a box of Maltesers for Christmas - YOU were the unliked person), followed by a bottle of wine, bubble bath and a book.

Vix Leyton (from Quidco), said: “There is absolutely nothing worse than being empty handed in the face of a surprise gift from someone you didn’t think warranted one back, so you can see how people end up in a cycle of spending money begrudgingly to avoid social awkwardness.”

The key with Christmas buying, for loved and loathed ones, is to make sure you plan ahead. Take advantage of great deals on multi buy items, but avoid buying something purely for the sake of it and spend for the right reasons. If you have to part with cash, and you know you will, something small and useful absolutely trumps something more showy that is destined to be regifted or sent straight to the charity shop.”

Our favourite stat (because we’re horrible Christmas Grinches), is that 6% of people were going to choose a gift which would make clear their dislike for the recipient in a ‘passive aggressive manner’. Can we recommend, really big clothes, deodorant and spot cream?

Are you hated?

The top ten recipients of grudge gifts include:

1. Colleagues

2. Sister-in-law

3. Neighbour

4. Brother-in-law

5. Mother-in-law

6. Cousin

7. Boss

8. Ex

9. Father-in-law

10. Brother / sister

Yeah, you’re in there. Sorry!