"AQA LOST MY F*CKING COURSEWORK" - students vent after AQA "guess" their grades

AQA have really f*cked up this time.

To be fair, it wasn't entirely their fault, but an AQA examiner carrying a batch of history papers on a train had them stolen off him back in July 15th.

However, rather than offering the students the chance to resit their paper, or inform the students directly of the situation, AQA waited till today (A-Level results day) to inform the affected students that the theft had happened AND that their grades would now be based on an estimate of what their results might have been.

As a result, some students have missed out on a place at their chosen university, even though it's perfectly possible they did get the grade they needed, and the proof of that was stolen from the train.

Not the letter they were hoping for

The letter, sent to anyone sitting the History paper at the Caroline Chisholm School in Northampton, informed them that:

“Unfortunately on the 15th July one of our examiners carrying your student’s A-Level history papers had their bag stolen from them whilst on a train."

“Our primary focus is always to deliver the best possible outcomes for students and so this incident is a huge disappointment to us and I know it is, to you and your students.”

"In the event of any missing marks we follow the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) process to estimate a UMS mark for the students. The process is followed by all exam boards. The estimations are based on what's called a z-score. The z-score is the number of standard deviations a student's UMS mark is away from the mean UMS mark for that unit. The mean UMS and standard deviation are taken from data based on all attempts by all students at the unit since the subject specifications have been live."

They students are reacting pretty well, considering the letter they received...

And others, not so much....

Elsewhere, students have complained about their individual papers being lost, rather than a whole batch.

Which at least one person was happy about...

But of course, people were devastated. All that hard work they put in was lost and their grade was now based on an estimate.

One parent of a student who sat the history paper told the Express his daughter was devastated by the whole thing.

“My daughter is devastated that after two years of study that her final result is not based on the exams that she sat but is based on a formula from students in previous years.”

“She phoned me in tears saying the papers had been lost and they had given her a C."

“The headteacher is furious and says he is gong to take it further."

“It’s unacceptable."

AQA says they informed the school of the theft on July 16.

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