Free Ibiza stay - if you don't mind "herpes" on your pillow

Usually the herpes on your pillow is invisible. Not so at this apartment in Ibiza, where you can stay for free if you don't mind the warnings about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) which are pasted all over the walls and bedroom equipment.

The room - genuinely titled a "condom-inum"

The rooms boast a beautiful sea view in Ibiza, massive amounts of lube within reach of the bed and endless slogans about how many holiday makers are packing the clap in their pants pasted all over the bedsheets and walls.

I've been reading your bedsheets and am no longer in the mood.

The "Sexual Health Condom-inium" was created by Superdrug after a survey of theirs found out how many young holiday makers contracted STIs during their vacation. The survey found that 35% of Britons aged 18-35 have had unprotected sex whilst on holiday, with 25% of those who had done this contracting STIs afterwards.

The two-bedroom apartments have been set up under the (probably correct) assumption that you're unlikely to have unprotected sex in a room that's constantly informing you about genital diseases. If you're still in the mood after reading these bedsheets, you'll probably want to wear a full-body condom or stick to a sanitary handshake or a friendly bow.

Kudos to this couple for ploughing on through.

The apartment is available for three one-week stays on the following dates:

  • 17-23 August 2015
  • 24-30 August 2015
  • 31 August 2015-6 September 2015
  • If you're interested, get booking quickly, there's likely to be stiff competition for the few slots there are.

    Dr Pixie McKenna from Superdrug said:

    'However, if you decide not to, whether on holiday or at home, it is really important to go and visit your local GP, sexual health centre or take a test confidentially via a sexual health clinic, your GP or in the privacy of your own home straight away, so if you have caught something, it can be treated as soon as possible.'

    You should also be aware just because people think they're disease free, doesn't mean that they are.

    The research on 2000 Brits also found widespread ignorance of the risks of catching diseases like herpes, chlamydia, genital warts and bacterial vaginosis.

    62 per cent of those polled saying they don't take condoms on holiday, and over half (59 per cent) said they didn't go to a clinic after unprotected sex.