17 animals who are stuck but pretending everything's fine

These cats and dogs are stuck, but pretending everything's ok. No need to send help.

17) These morons...

"Everything's fine. Everybody just chill.

16) The cat with a bagel necklace

"Stop looking at me like I'm stuck, I've got the bagel exactly where I want it."

15) These pugs

"We like to sunbathe just the top of our necks. It's a pug thing. Pug life and all that."

14) These guys

"Everything's fine! Leave the room, never speak of this."

13) These cats that don't know how trees and slinkey's work

"I don't know why everyone loves these goddamn slinkeys so much."

12) These idiots, who don't know how to sits

"What? This is how I use the settee. Stop taking photographs, you moron, this is how you sit down. I'm just a normal cat sitting on a normal sofa."

11) This tw*t

"I'm fine, move along there sir."

10) This dog and this cat

"Oooh, look at me, I'm a human and I use seats."

9) This dog (who's looking into your soul)

"No need to help. I enjoy sitting like this. This is just how I like to sit."

8) Doge

"No, no I wasn't trying to escape. You can leave me here. I like it here."

7) Houdini over here...

"What? I'm not stuck. I was just pointing the way to some pedestrians. They're gone now, no need to investigate that."

6) This undeniably cute braindead ball of fluff

"Would I like help? You could say I'm on the fence about that!! Anyone, high five, anyone?"

5) This thoroughbread here

"No need to help. This is how I like to live. Let me be me."

4) Conehead

"Never you mind why I like wearing a cone on your head, just leave me be. I've got my reasons and I don't need your help."

4) Popeye

"I like hammocks. I'm a hammock dog, always have been, always will be."

3) Captain boxhead over here

"I'm not stuck, and neither's Charlie over there. We don't need your help, hooman."

2) This decoration

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine. I live here now :( "

1) This absolute f*cking idiot

"I'm fine! It's ok... It's ok... I'm not quite sure how I got here, but no need to send help. Do NOT tell the cat about this, he'll laugh at me for months."