Angelina Jolie comes under fire for sickening 'game' with orphans

As a UN ambassador and world renowned actress, Angelina Jolie must be getting something right.

But, she's come under fire recently for getting something very very wrong. She is currently making a movie adaptation of First They Killed My Father, about Cambodian genocide, and is in the casting stages of production.

Her casting director had a very odd way of finding some of the child stars going to be used in the upcoming flick. Take a look at an except of the Vanity Fair article that details it all.

Given that Jolie herself has adopted children from orphanages in the region, this is a shocking revelation, and we're not sure why she'd allow already traumatised children to go through such a thing.

The reactions were similar.

While it's true that it was the casting director who set up the game initially, she shouldn't have allowed this to happen on her watch.

Hopefully the children are doing okay, and were offered some extra help after that ordeal.