...and here's how many students voted for Brexit

New research has revealed how many of the UK's students voted for and against Brexit. Research agency Youth Sight found that a whopping 85% of students who voted in the EU referendum voted to remain in the EU.

That means that for every one student who voted leave, six students voted remain.

According to the study, done on behalf of Universities UK (UUK), this means that almost 1 million students voted for the UK to remain in the UK, out of the 1.4million UK undergraduates.

YouthSight also found that turnout for students was 87%, which was 15% higher than the general population (72% in total).


Of the students who voted remain, a shocking 17% told the survey that they would change their vote if they could. Just 3% of students who voted remain said they'd switch their vote.

Over 75% of students told the survey that they felt negatively about the decision to leave the EU. Reasons for this included concerns over the economy, concerns about lost opportunity for study and work abroad, reduced funding for academic programmes in the UK and a rise in racist incidents in the UK.

Our own survey, conducted before the referendum, found that students were concerned about these very things before the referendum took place.

For all respondents, the uncertainty of what would happen if Britain leaves the EU is their biggest worry. People also expressed concern about losing the protection and benefits that the EU brings, including:

"Loss of human rights."

"Lose worker rights and MANY more rights/protections."

"[The country] would not be held accountable to some laws/guidelines set by the EU for example on human rights"

"There will be no limit to the laws the UK government can pass."

Others worried about having to renegotiate trade deals, without the EU behind us.

"Having to renegotiate trade, travel, and other agreements."

"Would be a catastrophe for the uk scientific research industry as it relies heavily on money from the EU and collaboration with other scientists around the world."

And some reasons were purely practical:

"Boyfriend is from Austria, so could be harder for us to work in the same country."

"I want to live in Europe."

"Inability to work freely in Europe."

The survey was based on a sample of 1000 students and was representative of the UK’s population of nearly 1.4 million full time undergraduates in full time education, conducted between the 15th and 20th July. See the full survey results here:

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