Students take it too far with initiations, risking the life of the initiate

American universities are known for their wild fraternities and sororities, it is also essential to complete a 'hazing ritual' to get into one. These are initiations that must be completed, usually involving alcohol or often doing something illegal.

The fraternity Alpha Chi Rho at Central Michigan University is currently under investigation after they took the hazing rituals too far last autumn by nearly killing a fellow pledger.

Andrew Seely a student who was hoping to join the fraternity passed out at an initiation after drinking too much.

The fraternity brothers then covered Seely in peanut butter. Seely has a severe allergy to nuts and carries an Epi-pen and Benadyrl tablets with him at all times.

Seelys face blew up and he was quickly rushed to to the campus health clinic by a professor, where he was treated immediately. He luckily was seen quickly enough before going into anaphylactic shock, where his throat could have closed up and he could have died.

His mother wrote a Facebook post as soon as she found out what had happened to her son, attaching a photo of her sons face following the incident.

Central Michigan University have since said that they take have taken this incident very seriously and that fraternity was already banned in 2011 from other hazing incidents.