Amazon have just made a huge change to the way we shop and it changes everything

When Amazon first started they changed the way we shopped, they made it possible for us to buy anything we wanted without having to engage in any sort of small talk with complete strangers.

Well now Amazon have just released plans for new stores under the name 'Amazon Go', where you can quite literally pick up your groceries and walk out, involving no social interaction whatsoever.

The company have said that sensors will record anything customers pick up as they walk around the store, and any purchases made in store will be automatically be billed to their Amazon Prime account.

A slight concern is this could prove to be a strain on your bank account if like me, you get over excited and if you don't have to physically pay for something- your brain assumes it's free.

This means there'll be no lines for checkouts, or panic attacks as you fluster to put your change back in your purse as an angry mob of middle-aged women wait in the queue behind you.

Amazon have released this promo video revealing how genius this idea is:

The first store to open is a 1,800 ft space selling staple foods in Seattle, USA, near the company headquarters, and rumour has it there's plans to open over 2,000 more stores over the next year. Hopefully they will bring it to the UK soon!

There has been some negative response to Amazon go, although this is the level of technology we expected the future would hold back in the 2000's, the Bank of England boss fears these new robotic machines could put up to 15 million Brits in the dole queue.

Anybody can get rid of a cashier with a robot. That’s easy, and in fact, a lot of places have already done it with self-service checkout machines. But what only Amazon can do, and what it is seeking to do with Amazon Go stores, is design a hyper-efficient and data-driven information loop built around physical and online shopping.

This will likely benefit Amazon’s business for all of the reasons that customer data does now: improving its marketing, recommendations and promotions, and keeping its supply chain in line. All of this comes down to knowing you.

But at least you won’t have to talk to a cashier.