Amazon has caused outrage over shockingly offensive advert

A clothing brand named ARRIVE GUIDE has managed to outrage Amazon customers with its hugely distasteful advertisement.

The brand, which sells a range of cheap men and women's clothing, now has 92% one star reviews.

This is because it advertised it's plus sized clothing by showing how a slimmer model could fit into it with excess space.

In a move that can only be described as fat shaming, the company put a small model in one of the legs of the leggings to show how 'big' they were, which understandably has caused complete disbelief and anger amongst not just plus size, but all customers.

The company has received singularly one star reviews, with people voicing their upset over the offensive ad:

People have called for Amazon to remove the ad and the brand, but the leggings and the distasteful photo remain on the site.

The brand's advert has seen many women comment things such as 'thanks for making me feel terrible about my body :)', clearly demonstrating just how humiliating the advert is.

Hopefully Amazon will take action soon and remove this horrific advert.