Amazon employee sacked after sending 'disgraceful,' anti-semitic note in parcel

Yesterday we brought you information about a teaching assistant sacked for 'bullying' a student on twitter. Today, we bring you information about another firing, this time of an Amazon employee.

A Jewish mother ordered a toy for her niece for Christmas but was shocked to see what horrible message the employee wrote inside.

The employee at the global delivery company, saw the name of the customer (who wishes to remain nameless), assumed by her surname that she was Jewish, and felt it appropriate to write the following message:

"Greetings from Uncle Adolf."

Obviously, 'Uncle Adolf' meaning notorious nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler who was responsible for the deaths of six million Jewish men, women and children during his reign.

The mother wanted to remain anonymous for fear of reciprocations, but her friend, Liran Meydat (below) from North London has been spreading the image to hopefully catch the perpetrator.

39-year-old Meydat said: "British Jews feel scared to speak out. I'm an Israeli and have lived here for a few years so I don't feel scared.

"When I heard what had happened it made me think about my grandfather who showed me the number on his arms from the Polish death camps. He lost all his family there.
"When she told us about the note she was shaking - she's a very gentle and humble lady.
"She does a lot for charity - both Jewish and non-Jewish - and helps all members of the community, that's why she took it very badly."

We would like to clarify that when Mr. Meydat says "Polish death camps," he means the camps established and operated in Poland by Nazi Germany. No such camps were perpetrated by Polish authorities.

Well, now the employee has been caught and without any hesitation, has been fired. An Amazon spokesman said: "We take this incident seriously and have apologised to the customer. We have investigated the matter and dismissed the individual involved."