Amazon and Morrisons team up to deliver within the hour (Oh dear Tesco!)


First we bought our food shopping at local stores, then it went to out of town superstores, then to supermarkets online - and now it looks as though we’ll be ordering our food shop direct from Amazon. This is the future kids.

Amazon has teamed up with Morrisons, so now you’ll be able to order a load of fresh and frozen fresh products from the online retailer.

Hundreds of lines of Morrisons’ fresh, chilled and frozen food will be available on Amazon within the next few months through its Prime Now and Pantry services. Prime Now delivers products to customers within one hour for £6.99, or free for Prime members. It is available in London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool. Amazon Pantry is a nationwide service that allows shoppers to build up a box of grocery items for delivery the next day.

That means if you want a MASSIVE bar of Dairy Milk without leaving the house, then you could get it within an hour if you live in these cities. Imagine getting paracetamol sent over when you’re hungover, or not having to go back out into the cold to get the tomato puree you forgot from the shop. That's the dream!

David Potts, Chief Executive of Morrisons says: “The combination of our fresh good expertise with Amazon’s online and logistics capabilities is compelling. This is a low risk and capital light wholesale supply arrangement that demonstrates the opportunity we have to become a broader business. We look forward to working with Amazon to develop and grow this partnership over the coming months.”

It’s fair to say Morrison’s has been struggling in the past, with the rise of Aldi and Lidl, and it only launched online in 2015. So this looks like it could be its big comeback. John Ibboston at Retail Vision said: “Tesco could soon be about to find out what it’s like to be David rather than Goliath”.

BRB, going to find some popcorn while we watch this unfold.