These childhood faves are coming back and you won't want to miss out

We all remember running home from school to catch the latest CBBC banger, or saving up your pocket money to buy CDs from Woolworth's. Those truly were the days, and responsibilities, deadlines, and serious lack of funds mean it's easy to get a bit nostalgic.

So, forgive us for getting all misty-eyed that some of our obsessions in younger years are coming back with a vengeance. What have we got?


Those who watched this show when it was aired from 2002 to 2010 will be very familiar with "the way of the warrior". Basically, the format involved a group of kids dressed in Medieval clothes, doing challenges to defeat the evil Nevar. The original Raven, a shapeshifting host, whose hair gel bill must have been astronomical, was played by James Mackenzie. However, in the new series Aisha Toussaint will be given the baton.

Blazin' Squad

You may know that Love Island's Marcel was in Blazin' Squad - he doesn't really like to mention it - and now it looks like we might see them at the crossroads once again. Marcel has hinted on the show that the band (sorry, squad) might get back together. In the beach hut he said, "Obviously I’ll come out of there and we’ll probably do some gigs but I don’t know whether or not it’ll be the full 10, but you never know."

Credit: Youtube

Step Brothers

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly classic Step Brothers has been facing calls for a sequel basically since it came out. The 2008 film spawned a million catchphrases like "did we just become best friends?" and "so much room for activities", and Ferrell has said they're in talks about volume two.

That's So Raven

Another Raven-based comeback this time. Sort of. The psychic sasspot is getting a spin-off called Raven's Home, where she and he best mate Chelsea (played by Anneliese Van Der Pol) have families. Check out the trailer here.

Despite the fact we can't go back to playing with sand and water at school, and Freddos being 10p, these comforting trips down memory lane will have to do the trick for the moment.