Airline saves displaced Hurricane Harvey pets and it's ADORABLE

An American airline has rescued nearly 65 displaced pets from Hurricane Harvey by flying them all to San Diego.

As Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston last week, many of the city's residents evacuated to safety. However, as a result many pets were sadly left behind in the chaos, leaving a huge surplus of displaced animals.

Whoever left this lil' guy behind is going to RUE the day they abandoned him

The city's animal shelters were quick to respond to the growing number of now homeless pets, putting a plan into place that evacuated animals currently in shelters to other cities to make room for the displaced families' pets.

However, with no solution as to how to actually evacuate the shelter animals, Southwest Airlines stood up to the challenge, flying 64 cats and dogs out of Texas to Helen Woodward, a shelter in San Diego... and the results are just TOO CUTE for words:

JUST LOOK AT THEIR SMOL AND SQUISHY FACES! The shelter even gave some updates as to how the animals enjoyed their flight, as well as informing followers that the pets also had new homes!

THAT TINY SNOOT. Just goes to show that not all heroes wear capes. The photos have gone viral on Twitter, with people losing their minds of these tiny furry beans:

Could there be a more purrrfect ending?

This isn't even the first time Southwest Airlines have been well above your average airline. They've also had a special furry guest on their flights before:

Literally, why wouldn't you want to fly with these guys?! THEY GAVE EVERYONE THEIR OWN KOALA BEAR!

Their pilots also surprise their staff with Chick-Fil-A... they are too perfect for words.

Southwest Airlines, we applaud you.