Airline pilot storms out of cockpit to shout at rowdy Ibiza party-goers

A Jet 2 pilot received a resounding round of applause as he left his cockpit to shout at rowdy passengers on a flight from Edinburgh to Ibiza.

A cabin full of passengers was left utterly dumbfounded after a pilot left his cockpit so that he could discipline a group of intoxicated party-goers on his flight.

On a Jet 2 flight set to depart from Edinburgh to Ibiza, the pilot came out to say that aggressive and disruptive behaviour would not be tolerated: 'a lot of you think this is a party bus, but it is not.'

In a video shared by The Daily Mail, the air cabin crew can be heard saying 'please show some respect' as loud, drunken party-goers shout and swear.

Credit The Sun

However, completely ignoring the crew and delaying the flight by over 40 minutes, the pilot had truly had enough, and stormed out, announcing:

'people want a good holiday, a nice flight, and not have any trouble, loud raucous behaviour and drunkenness. And unfortunately this flight has started badly already with verbal aggression going on, which is not to be tolerated.'

He also told them that if their behaviour forced the plane to divert he would send them the bill. The rest of the passengers then applauded loudly in agreement, as 1 passenger was then ejected from the flight for not complying with the pilot and airline's policy.

We applaud you pilot. Not all heroes wear capes.