Adele visits Grenfell Tower firefighters 'to say thank you'

Adele paid a visit to express her thanks to the heroic firefighters who helped battle the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower last week.

Adele showed up at the Chelsea Fire Station to say thank you to those who helped

Yesterday the singer, 29, visited the Chelsea Fire Station for 'a cup of tea and a cuddle' to both express her gratitude to those who risked their lives battling the fire, and to pay her respects to those affected.

Known for her down to earth character, Adele decided to surprise the firefighters, turning up at the Station unannounced with cakes. The London Fire Brigade shared pictures on Facebook alongside the caption 'She came in, came up to the mess and had a cup of tea with the watch and then she joined us for the minute’s silence.'

Adele's visit has been praised by many as an important sign of solidarity with both the victims and the emergency services.

The Tottenham-born singer's visit was not her first show of respect for the victims, as she attended a vigil in Kensington on Wednesday evening.

The vigil was followed by a capital-wide minute's silence on Monday to remember those who lost their lives in Wednesday's fire, which now numbers at least 79.