Absolutely disgusting chicken shop shut down by environmental health

What's better than a takeaway when you've had a few drinks?

Maybe, not catching a disease from the food?

That dream has died for patrons of Harvey's chicken shop in Kirkham, as the place has been shut down after inspectors found out the appalling state of the kitchens.

When environmental health came to Harvey's what they found shocked them.

There were dirty socks and a weed grinder in the kitchen, and kebab meat was covered in mould before being served to customers.

Owner Kasim Ali Ahmed was storing pineapple for pizzas in a rusty container with metal in the pineapple rings, and there wasn't even any hot water in the restaurant.

Inspectors also found slime-covered mushrooms and putrid tuna in the restaurant, as well as rotten lamb.

Even the toilet facilities for staff were found to be filthy and inadequate.

The photos are shocking, and environmental health said it was one of the worst cases they'd ever seen.

Michael Lavery of Fylde Council said:

'This was an intentional and flagrant disregard of the law which posed a serious high risk to the public.
Conditions were deplorable and the food was mouldy and putrid. There was no cleaning, no hot water for handwash basins, no records kept… no systems whatsoever.
The place was in a terrible condition. There was mould on virtually every type of food and some was out of date.'

You can just imagine how many people had a dodgy tummy after a kebab from there!

Apologies to anyone who was just about to tuck into their tea, but at least this place is shut down for good!