A UK uni will pay you to £400 to have sex on camera

Coventry university is offering two people the chance to earn £400 by having sex on camera.

Three couples will be filmed by the University going to town on one another in "natural settings" including a student room and a car.

The films of people aged between 18 and 25 are aimed at promoting the message that using a condom doesn't kill the mood.

The University promises that the films will be "tastefully shot".


The films will be distributed as part of a project called Wrapped, aimed at promoting condom use. They will be given to anyone who orders a chlamydia self-testing kit, providing that they're over 18.

People who get tested can also order a free 12 pack condoms, a headphones case with a secret condom pocket.

They will be given access to the films of the real couples having sex at each other, to educate young people on what "real sex" looks like, as well as showing that putting on condoms doesn't ruin the mood.

Chance 2 Change

The Chance2Change project aims to develop a theory-based tailored digital intervention to increase condom use for users of internet chlamydia self-testing websites in order to prevent further sexually transmitted infections (STI’s).

As well as videos of people having a bit of the old in-n-out, the Chance 2 Change project run by Coventry will also feature instructional videos about how to put on condoms in a way that will "increase pleasure".

Dr Katie Newby, the project’s leader explained:

"We are hoping that the work will ultimately reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted infections amongst young people through increasing their use of condoms."

She said the films would use:

"real couples in loving, consensual relationships and be tastefully shot.”

For more info (or if you want to sign up as a couple) go to the C2C Coventry website.

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