A seven year old boy's school photo was photoshopped for this strange reason

School photos are always horrendously embarrassing. Whether it's your hideous 90s hairstyle or your awful outfit... (remember this kid?), it's always a shitshow of cringe.

But isn't that kind of the point of school photos? Your parents order them with the hope of displaying them in all their awkward glory for the years to come so that you can look back and thank god that puberty is a thing.

So when Ange Pickett received her sons school photos.. something was a bit off.

Credit Words By Ange

The photo looks normal, right? Wrong. Ange received the photos and thought, "I didn’t realise he still had teeth when the photos were taken." Worrying she might have gone mad... Ange looked at family photos from the same time and, confirming her thoughts, saw that her son didn't have his front teeth.

Credit Words By Ange

Completely baffled, Ange wasn't angry, just utterly confused as to why a company would photoshop a seven year old boy's teeth. Ange compared the photos to her own school pictures, and said that she loved 'looking back at those old photos. I want my son to be able look back over all his school photos and see how he has changed.'

Ange contacted the company, who have since apologised and said it will not happen again, sending her the original prints of her son in all their gappy glory. Looks like our school photos will remain to be embarrassing for the years to come.

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