A Sainsbury's employee has noticed a huge mistake with their Christmas advert

All of the major Christmas adverts have been released and people are already getting into the spirit of things. Some have even put their decorations up already.

Everyone has their opinion over whose advert is the best. Is it Aldi's 'Kevin the Carrot'? M&S' Mrs Claus? Waitrose's 'Home for Christmas'? John Lewis' 'Buster the Boxer'? Or Sainsbury's 'The Greatest Gift'?

Many have said Sainsbury's offering is the best from this year; a charming animation that perfectly captures the essence of the festive period.

It follows a man who works at a toy store who struggles to find time to buy presents when he keeps getting stuck on delayed trains and he works all the time. So he finds the solution is to create clones of himself so they can do his jobs while he is at home spending time with family. Watch it below:

A cute advert with James Corden singing the song over the top of it. Very nice.

But one employee of the supermarket chain has pointed out one glaring problem with the advert.

The advert is all about spending time with family this Christmas. Something twitter user @willsaxo95, an apparent employee of the chain, found funny because he will be spending a lot of the time over Christmas working.

He wrote on 14th November:

"Funny that @sainsburys Xmas advert is all about being at home wi family at Xmas, yet they've got me down to work Xmas eve and boxing day"

A lot of us can sympathise with his view, as we have worked in retail where everyone knows you don't get a weekend or Christmas.

But for a supermarket to say that it is important to spend time with family at Christmas, yet expect employees to spend most of theirs at work.

After his tweet went viral, there has been a small outpouring of support, with some suggesting Sainsbury's close on Boxing Day if they value time spent with family so much:

@willsaxo95 has already acknowledged the tweet, saying he expects to be fired after it made the rounds on twitter.

Maybe you should put your money where your mouth is, Sainsbury's.