A product has been invented that we didn't know we needed until now

Larger breasted women rejoice, as there is a new invention that might just change your life.

As well as back pain, there are some other issues that the chestally gifted among us have to face.

Hands up if you have been a victim of under-boob sweat.

But the gods have blessed us with a new product called the Ta-Ta Towel.

It's kiiiind of like a scarf, where you put it round your neck, but at the ends are two handy little titty pouches. The towel then lifts your ta-tas up and absorbs any sweat that may appear underneath.

Then, you're free to get ready or chill out watching Netflix - whatever you like to normally do naked really.

The bra also works great for new mothers who're breastfeeding as it stops embarrassing leakages, and has been hailed as a miracle cure for people who get under-boob rashes.

It retails for 45 US dollars, which is a small price to pay for a fresh, dry, under titty area.

Apparently it's even great for making breakfast, to protect your boobs from the elements while cooking. We do advise you refrain from using sharp objects in your ta-ta towel, though, as chopping off a nipple would make brunch way less fun.

They look super comfy, and would be a godsend for getting ready on holidays. Plus, it comes in a variety of fetching patterns, so you can accessorise your areolas!