A New Sexual Abuse Campaign has been Launched and the Internet is Loving It


At one point or another, most girls will experience a date that isn't going so well.

A lot of the time you're just not interested, but more often than you'd think, the other person can make you feel very uncomfortable and you find yourself texting your friends questioning how on Earth you're going to get out of there.

Fortunately, Lincolnshire County Council have come up with an amazing scheme to help girls trapped in this situation in a bid to prevent sexual abuse crime.

In bars and clubs across the area, you can now go to the bar and discreetly "Ask for Angela" which indicates to the staff you need help without any fuss, from which they'll call you a taxi and get you home safely.

The posters placed in ladies toilets are part of the Council's "No More" campaign which ran until October 2nd, and after being tweeted by Isobel O'Brien have now been retweeted over 26,000 times.

Isobel, 21, told Buzzfeed News:

I didn’t expect to see it in the toilet but when I did I thought it was an amazing idea! I definitely didn’t expect it to go viral but I’m really pleased that it has as I shared it to spread awareness, and it’s really great to see that so many people think the same as I did when I saw it!

Since it was tweeted the poster has received a great online response and people are hoping this campaign will slowly make its way across the country.

The woman who came up with the scheme Hayley Childs, the council's Substance Misuse Strategy Co-ordinator, has added that she too is pleased that the poster has gone viral, and told BuzzFeed they plan to relaunch the campaign in February 2017 for National Sexual Violence and Abuse Awareness Week.

This is such a great way to help young women and girls at their most vulnerable, and we hope this idea makes its way across the country.

Rape Crisis Helpline: 0808 802 9999