A monkey is suing a man for the weirdest reason

As humans are descended from monkeys, it's unsurprising we share some similar characteristics with them.

And as the age of technology and selfies continues to rise, it's further unsurprising that monkeys have jumped on the bandwagon.

Let me introduce Naruto, a free-living and fabulous crested macaque, who took these glorious selfies back in 2011:

That smile tho

Naruto snapped these photos by pressing the button on wildlife photographer David Slater's camera when he was on a trip in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Slater then released the photos, which instantly shot to fame because, well, look at them. They're adorable and hilarious and most of all A MONKEY TOOK A SELFIE!

However, whilst the pictures rose to fame, making the photographer a few thousand pounds, they soon became the centre of a huge legal dispute. The photos caused controversy as Wikipedia and then a number of animal rights groups claimed that the photos were copyrighted to the monkey because he technically TOOK THEM.

... Seriously. The animal rights group PETA then hired a lawyer ON BEHALF OF THE MONKEY to sue Slater for infringement. So the monkey is (unknowingly) suing Slater for distributing his content.

Slater's defence was literally... 'he's a monkey', but the case has now been taken to a US appeals court, which Slater says is genuinely bankrupting him. This shit is literally bananas.

A decision has not yet been reached, so it's unclear which way the law will sway. We hope for humanity's sake it rules in favour of Slater... because we all know what happens when monkeys start getting human privileges: