A Hangover Cure has finally been approved by medical associations!

We've all had a Sunday morning of waking up in last night's clothes, and whilst you can't remember anything, you know for sure you've consumed a life time's supply of alcohol.

Everyone claims to have a certified hangover cure: hair of the dog, raw eggs and milk, a greasy fry up. You've tried them all and still end up sitting with your head in the toilet bowl of shame waiting for death to pass.

Well wait no more, because the Food and Drug Administration have just APPROVED an official hangover cure. Drugs and medicines can only pass into public usage if they are FDA-approved, which means they have to pass a series of tests to prove that they are actually effective - so this is the REAL DEAL.

Morning Recovery is a small liquid that you drink before bed that works overnight to de-toxify your body after excessive drinking. You drink it, fall asleep, and wake up feeling like a new you.

The ingredients do sound a bit like something out of a Harry Potter classroom, but hey, if it works, right? The company says it tastes like Peach Juice, but after 10 vodka mixers, you tend not to notice taste anyway.

However, maybe don't rejoice just yet, as Morning Recovery is only available for pre-order in the US.

BUT, it isn't actually that expensive and it does ship internationally. The bottles are available in batch, with the cheapest option being 6 for $27 (£19.95), which works out at a nice £3.30 per night. Worth it not to feel like you're on death's door the next day.

Lazy hangover days are a thing of the past. Amen.