A guide for the undecided voter

It's getting close to election time, and you still haven't decided who to vote for. Too little difference between the candidates? With so little time left to choose, you're going to have to rush the decision. It's desperate times, bring out some desperate measures.

You could vote along celebrity voting lines. In which case, Alan Partridge says you should vote Labour:

As does Russell Brand, Eddie Izzard and countless other celebrities.

On the other hand 100 businesses came out in support of the Conservatives and Nick Clegg came out strongly in support of Nick Clegg.

If you're really desperate you could decide to vote based on who eats their food in the weirdest manner.

There’s Cameron, who eats a hotdog with a knife and fork, or Miliband, who may or may not be an alien attempting to eat his first ever bacon sandwich:

It's a tie.

Alternatively you could vote based on policy. This is probably our recommended method, other than going into the booth on polling day spinning and throwing your pencil into the air until it hits one of the boxes, giving up after four tries and writing “BATMAN” on the front.

If you want to do this, have a look at our guides, written by the parties themselves, about why you should vote for them:

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