99p McDonald's trick - Order a 'Poor Man's Big Mac'

cheaper McDonald's Big Mac

We love a McDonald's Big Mac - but we love a cheeky little bargain even more.

You need to do is order a 'Poor Man's Big Mac' when you go into McDonald's and here's how you do it.

1) Order a cheeseburger which is 99p and ask for no ketchup or mustard (don't worry, McDonald's is very used to burger customisations and they are able to do this on its tills).

2) Then say, you'd like Big Mac sauce and shredded lettuce on your burger instead.

3) Voila! You have a Poor Man's Big Mac.

It's going to taste like a Big Mac, but sure, you'll be missing a burger and the middle bun - but considering a Big Mac is £2.79, you'll be saving yourself £1.80, which is not to be sniffed at.

HOWEVER - you could order a double cheese burger which is £1.49, which would be pretty much the same (but no middle bun) as a Big Mac and will still save yourself £1.30.

mcdonalds big mac deal