9 things we all think at the end of uni (but never mention)

The year has come and gone - how?! It's ridiculous that summer's arrived and we're all packed up and gone... or just about getting ready to. Aside from wondering how everyone else has managed to save enough money to holiday (grrr), here are 9 things we all think at the end of term but rarely ever say...

1. Hey, at least my liver will get a rest

Not that the end of term celebrations got out of hand or anything, but I think I can feel my organs creaking.

2. Will my parents think I look unwell/fat/thin/hungover?

Note to self: think up plausible, reasonable and preferably witty anecdote to account for any difference in appearance. Also think up suitably cutting insult for sibling should they dare pass judgement.

3. I wonder if/how my friends from home have changed since last term...

I am surprisingly poor at replying to texts. Too many stories to catch up on.... and - gah! - probably another term of their ridiculous uni slang to decode...

4. Fuck. I’m another year closer to graduating

Next year I’ll work harder. Definitely. Maybe a glass of wine will take my mind off this...

5. And thank God I survived this year

Congratulations me and a big thank you to whichever supernatural entity helped me.

6. Without exams… life feels a bit… empty...

What is happening - I don't even - just - no - crap - what?!

7. Why don’t I want to procrastinate any more?


8. Everyone is going... that's totally fine...

Everybody's going. It's only a few weeks. I'm totally fine going back to live with the parents and not maintaining this wonderfully childish existence I've spent months crafting and perfecting. Totally fiiiine with it.

9. Wait, I'm going to get left with all the cleaning, aren't I?

I knew we needed a rota. SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS.