8 ways July has brought back the 90s

It's been a pretty mad month, tbh. And it's all getting a bit familiar for our liking.

1. We have a female Prime Minister

Maggie Thatcher left number 10 in November 1990, and Theresa May has just moved in.

2. Pokemon

It must be 1998, because there are people running around throwing red balls at imaginary creatures. You can officially download Pokemon Go in the UK now.

3. There's a new Harry Potter book out

Okay, it's a play, not a book, but you can buy Harry Potter: The Cursed Child on the 31st of July.

4. A Clinton has won the Democratic nomination

It's Hillary, not Bill, but still. Eerie.

5. Bumbags are back in

We didn't believe it when someone told us but people really are rocking fanny packs once again.

6. We're (probably) in a recession

The economy took a big hit in the early nineties, and it's looking as though it might be happening again (yay!).

7. New Ab Fab

Stoli Bolli cocktails all round sweetie darling!

8. ROBOT WARS is back on telly

This is not a drill, on Sunday the 24th of July there'll be brand new Robot Wars being shown on BBC 2. You can watch the full promo on iPlayer here. There's no Craig Charles :'(, but Matilda, Sergeant Bash, Shunt and the rest of the house robots will be back on our screens causing mechanical carnage.