7 ways you can save money during freshers

Freshers means party time, making new friends, and getting to grips with living on your own.

One thing you don’t want, though, is to be skint by the time the week is up, and be living off of noodles for the rest of the semester.

So, here are seven ways to make your money last.

1. Get the best bank account for you

As a student you’ll get loads of perks just for opening a student bank account. For example, NatWest offers you a third off National Express coach travel and a free arranged overdraft.

It’s also has a mobile to help you easily manage your money right from your phone. You can pay your friends on the go, so no more finding change to pay them back for the taxi - result.

2. Take advantage of deals

Now you have a student card, you can get discounts from the likes of Superdrug, Co-Op and Topshop.

You’ll probably have plenty of things to get in those first few weeks, so shop around for places that offer student discount.

3. Make your own

There are so many activities going on during freshers, and they can definitely add up. Things like fancy dress outfits (toga from a bedsheet anyone?) are much cheaper made at home. You can also decide to do things together in halls like movie or game nights. Make a bowl of punch and all bring snacks to save a bit of cash and get some respite from partying hard for a night.

4. Team up with housemates

Doing a ‘big shop’ isn’t always cost effective when you’re cooking for one. You don’t have to plan every meal, but buying bulk amount of more expensive items with others can help save money. Even things like loo roll can be much cheaper in a bigger pack, so take a weekend trip to the supermarket and see what bargains you can bag together!

5. Get paid to do (almost) nothing

In between lectures and societies there might not be much time left to get a ‘proper’ job. If that’s the case for you, think about using apps like Swagbucks, TaskRabbit, Quidco, and TopCashback. These will let you make money on things you already do, or do odd jobs here and there.

6. Embrace the freebies

That first week will be full of events offering things as small as branded pens and big as meal vouchers for places like Nando’s and Pizza Hut. Take the time to do the rounds at freshers fairs and promotional days that will make starting uni slightly less sore on your pockets. Some even have competitions to win bigger items like laptops so keep an eye out.

7. Take it easy

While it may feel like this is the only time to make friends, it’s a marathon not a sprint. If you can’t afford another night out, just head to pre-drinks and don’t go to the club. Spending time with new people doesn’t always cost loads, and it’s not worth being poor all year for the sake of one big week.