7 ways to spend the £90 cashback you could earn using Quidco High Street

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There’s nothing we love more here at Student Money Saver than getting cashback when we shop, go to the cinema, book a holiday etc. The idea of not signing up to a cashback site is criminal - it’s free money you’re turning down!

So let us introduce you to Quidco High Street. Put simply, it’s a scheme that allows you to get money back when you go shopping on the high street. Most cashback websites will allow you to earn money back only when you’ve made a purchase online, but with Quidco High Street you can go in-store to certain retailers such as Argos, JD Sports, Gap and Caffè Nero and get money back when you shop there.

If you sign up to Quidco High street, you’ll find yourself getting some serious cashback (we’re not talking about a couple of quid here and there!). The average customer stands to save £90 on their spending over a year. And let’s face it, students are skint and £90 can make a big difference, in fact here are 7 ways for you to spend that extra cash.

1) Buy every pair of flipflops (and a couple of matching bandanas) from Gap

If you love Gap, you can get yourself sorted ready for summer with the extra £90 you have by buying four pairs of it’s leather flipflops in silver, gold, brown and black - a pair in every colour! You’d even have some money leftover to buy a couple of floral classic bandanas. At Gap, you can get cashback online and in-store with Quidco High street. All you have to do now is book your summer holiday.

2) Get 108 chocolate rabbits from Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat has really, really good chocolate, and something usually saved for a treat, because let's face it, a KitKat is cheaper and luxury shouldn’t be an everyday thing (unless you want gout).

So if you are partial to quality chocolate and/or rabbits, with the £90 you saved, you can buy 36 packs of Hop, milk chocolate rabbits, with each pack containing three bouncing bunnies. So 108 chocolate bunnies in all. Sure, you could only eat one now and then and spread them out all over the year, or you could gorge yourself in in a couple of days and put yourself in a chocolate coma. That’s what Easter is all about right? Trying to not eat all your chocolate at once. And the best bit? You can get cashback online and in-store with Quidco High street.

3) Get a tent ready for the festival period

Festival season is rapidly approaching, and if you don’t want mud and water leaking into your tent (let’s face it, the odds of it raining is pretty high), you’re going to have to spend some real cash on it. So why not with the extra £90 you have, get a Trespass 4 man tunnel tent from Argos?

You can get this delivered, or go and pick up in-store and still earn cashback. If you split the cost with three other mates, that will leave you with plenty of cash for booze too!

4) Skip the lazy commute and ride a BMX to work

If you’re someone who has to commute to work or uni via train (or the underground in London), you know that you spend thousands of pounds on that privilege every year. It’s also stuffy, dark and pretty depressing.

If you’re a commuter who is able to drive to work each day, you’ll understand the dramas of rush hour and the price of petrol.

BUT, with the extra £90 you’ll save from joining Quidco High street, you could afford a BMX bike from Halfords (we’re not saying you’re going to look cool though!). The bike is on sale, (was £149.99, down to £89.99), and you can order online or go in store. The best bit, you get 3% cashback if you order online, and 5% if you go in-store.

5) Order 9 pizzas from ASK Italian

If you wanted to treat your friends and family, you totally could with the extra £90 you have. Or you could spread those pizzas out over the year and treat yourself almost once a month.

With ASK Italian, you get a whopping 10% cashback on everything you order, so in fact, you’d get another £9 back, which would get you some wine, or at least a couple of its amazing desserts. Free Tiramisu? Yes please!

6) Invest in a trench coat for spring

We live in the UK, so we can’t get away with one coat that suits the whole year. We also can’t get away with not wearing a coat in spring (and frankly, a lot of the summer). A trench coat is traditionally the best option for this, because it is light, but also keeps you dry if it starts raining, which it undoubtedly will…

So at River Island, you can get this beige beauty for £80. If you order online, you’ll bag yourself 2.5% cashback, and if you shop in-store with Quidco High street you’ll get yourself 1%. You’ll also be left with a tenner, which you can get yourself an umbrella to brave the summer rain.

7) Get 48 coffees from Caffè Nero

A coffee from Caffè Nero is £1.85, so with the £90 you have thanks to joining Quidco, you can get 48 coffees - that’s a lot of caffeine! A fancy coffee isn’t something we’d advocate you spending your money on (there’s nothing wrong with a bit of Nescafe!), but if you did want a coffee-based treat, you could nearly get one every week for a year. You’ll also get 1% cashback everytime you spend in-store with Quidco High street.

Convinced? Well why wouldn’t you be?! To take part in the scheme, all you have to do is sign up to Quidco, and then register a credit or debit card. You then shop as usual and Quidco will add the relevant cash back to your account, which is then paid into your bank account. Let us know what you are going to do with the extra cash!

Join Quidco High Street!

(This post was sponsored by Quidco)