7 things everyone forgets when they go back to uni

Freshers Week Relatable

After a while away, university can take a little getting used to - after all, let's face it, your memories of first year may not be entirely reliable. Though there's much to joyously embrace, a number of things require a little... readjusting to.

1. You get drunk far more quickly than you thought

...probably because you don't really remember first year.

After a summer taking it a little easier on your liver, 'Sure I can handle another drink!' quickly becomes 'I need a nap now.' Tis all to easy to forget just how lethal £1 shots can be...

2. A moral compass

Staying with your parents has it's advantages, of course - no food shopping, working showers - but living by the house rules can feel a little restrictive after a while. Back at uni, you can do as you please - and after a summer of behaving properly, it's all too tempting to indulge...

This is how embarrassing stories are born.

3. Bills, which need sorting... and paying

No-one spends their summer imagining a freshers' week spent shouting down the phone to the gas board, which means moving into your new house can pretty quickly become hellish - no internet, no hot water, dodgy heating and everyone arguing over what they owe.

This is where something like easybills comes in, which bundles together the household essentials needed to shower, heat & cook (in other words Water, Gas & Electricity), split & bill the total monthly cost equally between each housemate and deal with the suppliers for you.

The web app helps you monitor costs, track usage, view payment breakdowns, upload meter readings or just find out how much those long showers singing to Celine Dion cost you. It’s all there and organised in one convenient online platform. It’s like having an extra housemate dedicated to looking after the bills (but who doesn’t steal the milk). Read more about easybills.

4. Work is a real step up

First year was a breeze... but wait until you step into that first second year lecture. WHAT HAS HAPPENED? 'My brain!' come the cries, 'My brain has melted in the summer sun!' But nope, shit just got real.

5. Freshers are so... young

...were we ever like that?! Really?!

6. Money gets even tighter from now on

Yup, it just keeps getting harder. You're about to remember why you hate the food shop. When did fruit n' veg get to be so ridiculously expensive?

7. The lack of routine

...ah, the sweet luxury of doing whatever, whenever. Wait - crap - weren't you meant to be doing something productive today?

This post was sponsored by easybills.