7 Convenient Ways to Earn Money Online as a Student

Studying in the UK is increasingly becoming a mainly financial struggle for students:

Get this: A recent study published by National Student Money survey revealed that almost 61 % of the students in the UK questioned claim that the maintenance cost is not enough for them and some 52% of them believe that the financial system of the country is unfair on them.

But, do not fear:

we can help with some convenient and flexible ways that can make you some money online to cover at least some of your expenses:

    1. Sell Old Books, CDs and Video Games Online

    As a student, you must be having a huge stack of books and studying materials.

    Once you have sat the exams for a module, the majority of these old study materials will be of no use any longer - so why not make the most out of them and turn them into hard cash?

    There's some handy websites out there, where you can sell your stuff in a hassle free way:

    Decluttr.com will accept your old books, and tech items such as phones and tablets.

    Or you can always try out Ebay:

    Top Tip: Go to the advanced search on eBay and select 'completed listings' to see how much a particular item has sold for in the past.

    2. Join Various Reward Programs

    The online world is full of opportunities and every business is looking for more hits and web traffic. There are many websites who offer reward programs that help you earn something while you refer the same product or service to your network of friends, colleagues and family.

    For each person joining through you, you earn rewards.

    Join reward programs like Swagbucks where you earn your points, which you can redeem with your favourite retailers by shopping online, watching videos, taking part in surveys and so forth.

    3.Online Tutoring

make money tutoring

    If you love your academics and enjoy teaching people skills, you should use your talent to earn online. You can easily make some money while giving online tuitions.

    Here's the thing:

    You can post your ad for free on the internet and attract your juniors to come to you for their tuitions and extra help on academic subjects you’re an expert in. Check out private tutor platforms like First Tutors where you can advertise your tutoring services for the price you can charge. Build a small tutoring online business this way to generate some online income.

    4.Take Online Surveys

make money surveys

    There are many websites looking for customer reviews and answers to their questionnaires especially in market research. The more you complete, the more you will earn.

    They won’t make you big bucks, but you can earn a fiver per survey for a book you’ve been eyeing on Amazon. Check out websites like Toluna where you can easily complete surveys via an app and earn up to £15 per hour, if you’re quick!

    More info:

    For the complete low down on the best online Survey websites, read our full guide here

    5.Test Digital Products Online

test digital products online

    Now that businesses go online and create digital products, more online testers are required. You can become a paid test user via platforms like Testing Time .


    You will gain exclusive access to newly designed apps, online tools and websites to examine them before they’re open to the public.

    You could earn up to £60 per study if you are lucky to sign up to the right one at the right time!


freelance make money

    One of the more reliable options for earning money online is by freelancing. Identify your skills and see if there is someone ready to pay for them.


    You can help write academic papers, design graphics online, sell photographs or any other services you can provide online.


    Freelancing is a great option to earn an online income for students, as if it goes well during your studies, then you can build on it in the future and talk about it at future interviews.

    There are dozens of websites that will help you get freelance work. Check out Upwork and Freelancer.in to get started.


make money blogging

    Last but not least, you can start your own blogging business. If you are good writer or you lead an interesting life or can tackle a niche topic, then you can build a blog to talk about it/give advice.

    Top Tip:

    Just make sure that you are passionate about your chosen topic, as it requires a lot of persistence in the long-term, in order to gain traction.

    Extra Resources:

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