6 Ways to Save Money for University

Save money at university

Worried about having money at university? Concerned that your student loan won’t stretch beyond Fresher’s Week? Eleni Cashell, Editor of Whatuni, shares her top tips.

You’ve probably gathered by now that university is a tad expensive. What with the accommodation and course fees, as well as books, food, drink and fancy dress costumes, it can all stack up.

So to help make your student loan go that extra mile, why not start saving money now? Here’s how to save money for university before you’ve even got there.

Get a Part-Time Job

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If you want to increase your bank balance by more than a few pounds here and there from your folks, then getting a part-time job is the way to go. Retail employers in particular are always looking for staff, especially during school holidays, and you could pick up weekend work both now and when you come back home for uni holidays.

Of course you may have to pass on seeing your friends every now and again in order to work a shift, but imagine how little you’ll care about that when you’re at university and afford to eat more than 12p noodles.

Keep Pennies

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You know those pesky 1p and 2ps which weigh down your pockets that you only use when you need to give exact change? Well you’d be surprised how much these pennies end up coming to if you actually put them altogether.

Yes we probably sound your grandma telling you how every penny counts, but it’s actually true. So get a jar, and every time you have 1p or 2ps, put them in there. Then before you go to uni, take them to a bank or a supermarket with a change machine, and turn those annoying coins into pounds! Weekly shop covered.

Cheap Socialising

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Hanging out with your friends can be expensive. One minute you’ve decided to have a quick cup of tea in the cafe round the corner, next thing you know you’re off to the cinema followed by a cheeky Nandos. Suddenly that £2 plan becomes a £20 plan and it’s probably happening more than you realise. And don’t even get us started on how much their birthday’s can end up costing you

So why not recommend going to free events instead? Or just going round each other’s houses to meet up? Yes you may sound like a massive cheapskate, but you’ll be helping them save money too. They’ll thank you for it later...probably... hopefully.

Save Money You’re Given

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What do all these things have in common?

    ·Your birthday


    ·A visit from a relative you hardly see

    ·Doing household chores

They’re all opportunities where you could be given money from other people.

But rather than spending it the minute you tip it upside down from the card you’ll never read properly, why not put it aside and use it for university instead?

Sell, Sell, Sell

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You know that DVD you haven’t watched in 3 years? Or that CD from your favourite band when you were 11 that you no longer like? Or those shoes that are about 3 sizes too small now? Rather than seeing them as junk to fill up your parent’s house, why not use them as a money making opportunity?

There are plenty of sites out there where you can sell your trash and make it someone else’s treasure. From general sites like Ebay and Amazon to specialist seller sites like MusicMagpie, it’s easier to sell your entire Take That collection than you think.

Get Couponing

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Ever seen Extreme Couponing? It’s amazing. It’s about people who do nothing but collect coupons and end up buying the whole shop for about £2. The best bit is seeing the cashier’s face when they realise they’ve got to scan over 400 coupons. Sheer hatred.

While we aren’t suggesting you pack in your studies to collect coupons, sites like this very one you’re on right now can help you stock on both essentials and luxuries without paying full price. In fact sometimes you won’t have to pay anything at all!

Use these simple tips and your student loan could last a lot longer than you think!