6 ways to make your summer photos go viral

If you're doing amazing things this summer naturally you have to take snaps to share (ahem brag) on social media, waiting in anticipation for those little pings of love, commonly known as ‘likes’. With Photoshop and a few tweaks, you can make the ordinary extraordinary and your social media status soar.

So whether you've lounged on a Thai beach for a fortnight, got down and dirty at a festival or just hung out with your mates this summer - make sure your snaps are the best of the best.

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Turn that frown upside down

With Adobe's Face Liquify feature, you can give a person a new look by changing eyes, mouth and other facial features, which is perfect if your mate was too hungover to smile in the group shot!

The tool allows you to push, pull, rotate, reflect, pucker and bloat the pixels of any image without losing quality.

Learn how to do it in no time.

Combine your photos

We’ve all taken a photo and had that disappointing feeling that it’s just not done justice to where you are.

“I promise, it looked a lot nicer when I took it.”

Try creating the ultimate landscape shot by merging your photos into one amazing panorama, and truly show off your surroundings. Follow this by making the colours pop with the Vibrance tool and watch the Instagram Likes come flooding in!

You don’t have to tell them it was taken in Scotland!

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Remove unwanted guests

Met someone on holiday that you'd rather forget, or been inadvertently photobombed by a dozy tourist? Fear not. With a little bit of Photoshop magic, you can get rid of them from your pics in no time at all. That’s right, you’ll never have to look at Sean from Magaluf ever again.

Article Image 2 Unaltered.png

Article Image 2.png

...and then he was gone.

Use the Content-Aware Patch tool to work magic on your own photos.

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Make your pictures pop on social media

Sure, you can add your Photoshopped pics to social media just as they are, but with a few simple alterations you can turn them into something really special with Adobe Spark Post.

Use its professionally designed templates to add text and themes to your images (or turn hilarious pictures into memes!) which make them instantly Instagram-worthy.

Make a holiday collage

Get home and realise you look amazing in all your holiday snaps, so can't pick 'the one' to make your wallpaper? Don't you worry, with Photoshop you can merge a few photos you are loving into a collage to display to the world.

Here's how you create collages and montages with Photoshop.

Pretend you were actually on holiday

Stayed at home all summer but want to make out you did something far cooler? Well Zilla van den Born managed to ‘travel’ around South East Asia for five weeks, all from the comfort of her living room... or at least that’s what she tricked her friends and family into thinking!

From a chair in your bedroom to meeting the locals in Thailand, in just a few clicks.

Article Image 1.png

Ever wished you could dive straight into a photo? Well, now you can.

Simply use the Lasso tool to cut out an object/person, then drag and drop them into a completely different picture!

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