6 ways revising is just like being ill

Student Revision Funny Meme

The exam period is an odd time. You'll spend too much time alone in your room until you're a half-crazed lethargic lump. You may well fight against boredom, making futile attempts at resisting the constant urge to open new tabs, but it'll be too no avail. You'll laze about, making odd noises, being useless. In the end - it's a lot like being ill.

1. You live on a crazy diet


When you're ill, it's hot drinks and strange soups and weird fruit smoothies you'd never normally touch. Revision is the time you clear out the cupboards: crushed Oxo cube on a bed of raw spinach? Totally a thing.

2. You want to drink but really, really shouldn't

The despair of a stressful cramming session is enough to push anyone a liquid diet of wine served by the pint. It wouldn't be a bad thing, either, if the ensuing memory impairment didn't undo everything you'd spent the day working toward.

And drinking when you're ill? Roll with us: a hot toddy (whisky, lemon, spices and hot water) is a perfect comfort, and it's what your grandparents probably used to cure their colds. Despite what every doctor may tell you, it definitely is a legit cure.

3. Your days are empty

I mean, it's not like you don't want to do anything... but you're either scrolling through the Daily Mail sidebar of shame or choosing who to unfollow on Twitter. And that's fine, when you're ill - you're not meant to be doing anything. But when you're supposed to be revising? Not so good.

4. ...So your behaviour gets a little... odd...

Lemsip is powerful stuff. So is boredom.

5. Your cleanliness begins to slip

...Sorry about this gif...

After a few days, you'll be stewing in your own filth. And shame, probably.

6. And eventually, your response to everything is just...

7. But when it's over...

Although God knows why you have so many papers if you're ill...

Hey, it won't be long before it's over... just keep repeating that... it's over soon... it's over soon...