10 mistakes every student makes on their holidays

If you're going on holiday with a group of friends, fortunately you don't have to book it yourself. You can easily get cheap, well planned group holidays with Tribe Ibiza for you and a group of friends.

Then the only mistakes you'll have to worry about making on holidays are these ones....

Booking a terrible hotel

Some hotels are cheap. Some hotels are cheap for a reason. Other hotels are cheap because they're the kind of place that have poo in the kettle.

Don't let a little bit of poo in the kettle put you off the mediocre location.

Not putting on sunscreen

There are two types of people in this world, suscreen wearers and people who wear the vest-neclace combo in preparation for a toilet selfie.

Allowing friends to do your sunscreen

My back is your canvas.

Not learning anything about the country before you go

If you're going to Saudi Arabia, packing only bikinis isn't a great idea.

Or learning everything about a country from cartoons and computer games

"What? I know everything about Italy. Be on the look out for Super Mario, Pizza and memorise the phrase 'mama mia, I lose-a da princess', we'll be needing it very soon with Bowser around."

Not learning any of the language

Having a moustache does not make you know how to speak Italian.

Going where no-one is your age

Grandparents are fun, especially this guy:

But that doesn't mean you should book a week in Skegness.

Booking somewhere in the middle of no-where, with no nearby restaurants, towns or amenities

Just chickens and your own conscience.

Booking last minute

Book last minute and you'll end up somewhere where you find a cat paw in your pillow case and don't even see that as your main complaint.

Not letting someone else book it all for you

Here's how a group holiday can look if you let someone else book:

and how it will look if you do it...

If you're looking for a group holiday this summer, let the professionals book it for you and go on the number one Ibiza student holiday.

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