6 mistakes every student makes getting kitted out for uni

1. Buying the same things as everyone else.

At least four of these plates belong to you - but which ones?

Unfortunately the first rule of a shared kitchen is that everything you own will go missing at some point, and it hasn’t all just vanished into thin air. It’s going to turn out that your flatmate will have “forgotten” that the only clean plate in the house isn’t actually theirs and have “borrowed” it for the rest of term.

If you don’t want to end up eating your cereal out of a wok then it’s a good idea to buy all of your kitchen gear in a colour scheme, so there’s no doubt who all the lime green mugs, cutlery, bowls and plates belong to. The Argos Colourmatch range is reasonably priced and you can get almost everything you need for a student kitchen all in your favourite colour. Remember, it’s not just pretty, you’re helping deter the kitchen “borrowers”, too.

2. Bringing way too much

In a student kitchen space is at a premium, you’ll probably only get a single cupboard for all your food, crockery and pots and pans, and that’s if you’re lucky.

You’re going to immediately regret having brought along your nan’s old food processor, ramekins and a fondue set, when you find out you’re getting a single shelf of the fridge and half a cupboard for everything you own.

Check out our uni essentials for a checklist of all the stuff you ACTUALLY need.

3. Keeping your room looking like a prison

When you arrive in your room, it’s going to look quite stark. Bare walls, bare mattress and a weird stain on the ceiling. Don’t worry though, it’ll only cost you a few quid to make things a bit more interesting.

We definitely recommend injecting a bit of personality into your room by buying some cushions to throw on your bed, not only do they look great, if you put them against the wall next to your bed it gives guests somewhere to sit except the uncomfortable office chair that came with the room.

Our favourites:

4. Ending up with 5 kettles

If you’re not moving into student halls, then you might need to provide the small kitchen appliances yourselves. If you’re not careful it could work out that everyone in the house will bring their own kettle, toaster and microwave, not only is it a massive waste of money, but you won’t even have room for all of them!

Wait until you’ve moved in before you order these sort of things, you can work out splitting the cost, and Argos offers same day delivery or click and collect on kettles starting at £4.99, toasters from £4.99 and microwaves from £34.99.

5. Being too cheap

Take it from us, you don’t want to spend too long sleeping in bargain basement bedding. After the first night your sheets will become a scratchy, bobbly mess and you’ll never have a good night’s sleep again.

Make sure you check bedding reviews, there are good deals out there, but you want to make sure it’s really the bargain it seems to be.

6. Lugging everything up with you in the car.

We do everything else online nowadays, so why do we still move in the old-fashioned way?

Argos is pretty much a one-stop shop for everything you need for uni and it offers free same day click and collect delivery and it’s only £3.95 for same day home delivery.

So if you make your order before 6pm you can have all of your uni gear brought to your door before 10pm on the same day - and you choose a 3-4 hour delivery window, all for less than £4.

This article was sponsored by Argos - have you got all of your student essentials yet?