5 ways to save money this summer

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Summer is expensive, and as a student you'll need to save up as much money as possible before the next year of uni begins.

But it's possible to have a good time during the summer, whilst not emptying out your bank account. Here are five ways to save money, without living like a hermit from June to September.

1) Go on holiday

In possibly the best way to save money of all time, you can earn cash back by going on holiday.

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2) Do some EXTREME couponing

Ever heard of extreme couponing? There are people out there who collect all the coupons under the sun, and then use the coupons to buy most of a shop's stock, for less than a price of a cup of coffee.

People who take it to the absolute extreme can make huge savings. Sammy Hancock, nicknamed "the coupon queen" claims that in the 12 months since she started taking couponing like a pro, she has managed to buy more than £4,000 worth of products at a cost of only £400.

Check out our extreme couponing guide for more info on how you can do this for yourself. The only downside is you'll also make a mortal enemy of the cashier (who has to scan all the 500 coupons you've brought with you).

3) Sleep on a shelf

This 22 year old man has managed to save over £1000 a month - by sleeping on a shelf in his van, rather than renting.

He started doing it as a way to save up money for a summer cycling holiday in Europe, and has lived there ever since. The only downsides are he has to sleep on a shelf, like some uncooked pasta, and can't go to the toilet after 7pm. This tip might be for everyone.

Whilst this might not be an option for you if you're van-less, try to take advantage of living at your parents' house rent-free for as long as possible over the summer. If possible, look for student houses that begin their lease as close to term-time as possible, to save yourself an extra months rent.

4) Womble

To explain it simply, supermarkets are now competing more than ever for your custom. When you shop at a supermarket, you’ll often find supermarket points or money-back on your next shop on your receipt as an incentive to keep shopping there.

A lot of people can’t be bothered to cash in on this (or don’t realise) and throw them out, leave the receipts at the till or in their trolley. They are literally throwing away money.

"Wombles" scour the supermarket carparks, bins and trolleys and collect all the receipts with money on them to nab the reward for themselves.

Stephen Auker, pictured above, claims to save over £200 a month just through the receipts he's found, though he admits you have to be patient to earn this much:

"You get out of wombling exactly what you put in," he told the Daily Telegraph.

"For example, yesterday was a very windy day so I sat in a car park for seven hours waiting for the receipts to blow towards me."

Whilst this is a tad extreme, you might want to check your receipts from now on (and ask your friends for theirs) and you can save a lot of money on your food shops.

5) eBay your unwanted clothes

As a student, any way you can get a bit of extra cash in your pocket is definitely worth a try. Selling on eBay is easy, and can be pretty lucrative depending on what you’re selling.

If you haven’t got anything to sell it can be worth asking relatives whether they’re having a clear-out or have anything they want to get rid of, often they’ll let you keep a proportion (or all) of the profits.

One top tip for making money on eBay is that if you look for items that have been photographed terribly you will likely get them for much cheaper than they should be sold at. You can then take a better photograph of the item when it arrives, and sell it on at a higher price.

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