5 ways to make your phone bill cheaper

Check your usage

Really have a think about how you use your mobile. Are you’re paying for minutes, data and texts you don’t use (because who is actually texting and calling these days?). Are you always going over your data allowance and getting stung with a big bill? Looks like you have the wrong contract!

The easiest way to check your usage is to look up the last three to six months’ bills (you'll be able to get these online and figure out what the average price you are paying is for each month.

Getting a new deal? Do you really need a new handset?

The biggest single factor affecting the cost of your new mobile deal is whether or not you’ll be paying for a new handset as well. Don't think that if you are getting it free or for a few quid with your new contract, it's actually properly free. Nope, it will cost more in the long run.

So if you have a decent handset, keep hold if it if you want the cheapest possible monthly bill.

Should you insure your phone?

Insurance can sometimes be a bit of a rip off, so don't automatically assume you should pay out for it. However, if you have a phone that costs £600-odd, you really should invest.

Whether or not you should insure your phone generally comes down to three things: The value of your phone (if you own it outright), the contract repayments if you have a mobile contract and the inconvenience of replacing a lost or damaged phone.

The cheapest way to do it (if you decide to) is to add the phone to your home insurance (or your parents insurance!).

Haggle down your contract cost

This is especially do-able if your contract is close to ending as your phone company will do a lot to keep you on. So when you’re approaching the end of your contract, make sure you get the very best deal possible.

Call up and tell the operator that you’re unhappy with your existing argument. Use some price comparison sites such as uSwitch and find out the cheapest tariff. Tell them you’re going to go to that if they don’t beat it.

If it’s not working for you, get put through to the ‘disconnections department’ where the best deals are. They have the power to give you what you want to keep you.

Ditch the contracts and get giffgaff

giffgaff seems like one of those companies that are too good to be true. It’s a low-cost mobile networking running on O2. Its goodybags start from £5 a month with 4G included at extra charge, plus members earn cash or free credit by participating in the network.

Most giffgaff member choose to buy one of their goodybag bungles, which includes a set amount of calls, texts and data.

Being a no-frills network with much lowers prices, giffgaff does things different to the big providers - most importantly the customer support is an online-only affair (but works really well). You can also earn cash or free credit by recommending giffgaff to your friends.