5 Reasons to Vote... Socialist Workers Party

As part of our election coverage, we've been asking each party the top five reasons why students should vote for them. Here's what the Socialist Worker Party came back with. They start not by calling for votes, but for a revolution...

Russell Brand and Karl Marx are right: We we need Revolution

Socialist Worker Party The system is the problem. No matter which party wins the election, capitalism is based on competition for profit not the interests of the majority. From world starvation to wars and climate change, the 99% always come last. Ordinary people have only ever won anything through struggle. We support strikes, occupations, protests and ultimately revolution as the only way to get rid of the system as a whole. We want a socialist society where we democratically decide what is produced based on human need.

1) Standing up to UKIP

Nigel Farage seeks to deflect the anger created by years of austerity towards the scapegoating of immigrants and Muslims. He wants us to blame our neighbours for the actions of the bankers and politicians. His party has whipped up racism, sexism and homophobia pulling mainstream politics to the right. In the run up to this election we will protest wherever they show their rightwing, racist faces, we will leaflet UKIP’s target areas and hold music events to help build a movement that can push them back.

2) Vote TUSC

We stand in elections as part of the Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) to put an anti-austerity and anti-racist message in the elections. While we don’t think the system can be changed from within, we do need MPs and councillors to represent working class people and use parliament as a platform to challenge the corruption and greed of the elite.

We demand:

  • Public ownership of transport, electricity and gas
  • No cuts to public services. Tax the rich.
  • End wars and nuclear weapons. Spend the money on health and education

3) Freedom for Palestine

Between the massacres Israel continues its daily oppression of the Palestinians. We support the growing global Palestine solidarity movement. We support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israelas called for by a broad cross section of organisations within Palestine. On campus we support demands to boycott Israeli products and institutions complicit in the occupation of Palestine. We support the anti-war movement against US Imperialism and its proxies.

4) Education

The 10,000 who marched on the Free Education demonstration in November and the recent spate of university occupations show that students want to fight back against the marketization of education. We need more of this kind of action to show the next government, whoever is in power, that students will continue to fight against attacks on education. We will fight for a future free from fees, cuts and debt. We will help mobilize for the student bloc on the Peoples Assembly Demonstration against Austerity on Sat 20th June in London.

5) Climate change

From the big freeze in the US to the increasing number and ferocity of tropical storms, evidence of climate change is growing. Yet the response of governments around the world has got weaker.

We support the campaign for One Million Climate Jobs and the report produced by the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group. This argues for the creation of jobs in industries that can reduce emissions, and in turn have huge social benefits.

We need a mass movement to force governments to invest heavily in renewable energy, or mass insulation schemes to reduce energy use, for the renationalisation of the rail system and investment in public transport to reduce reliance on cars.

When the politicians meet in December to discuss climate change at the COP 21 talks in Paris we must organise massive protests demanding action in Paris, London and across the globe. Crucially we must draw further and deeper links between the trade union movement and environmental activists. The recent demonstration in London organised by Time to Act brought together 20,000 people demanding action. We need to build on this for even bigger mobilisations in December.

Big demonstrations in December can give further confidence to a movement that can begin to fight for real change. Saving the planet for future generations means fighting for an alternative to capitalism.

Join the socialists worker party here: www.swp.org.uk

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