5 Reasons to vote for the Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol Party

As part of our election coverage, we've been asking each party the top five reasons why students should vote for them. Here's what the Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol party (CISTA) had to say.

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1) Drug reform

CISTA is proposing a new approach to drug reform, starting with cannabis, one that is evidence-based, cross-party, humane and non partisan. We will campaign to convene a Royal Commission to undertake a fundamental review of all UK drugs policy to establish a suite of recommendations that can be effective in combatting the harm caused by drugs in an increasingly globalised world. The Royal Commission can be established in the first year of the new Parliament report in 2017 and its findings legislated on within the term of the next Parliament.

2) Reduced harm

Our proposals, upon implementation, will do less harm, reduce human suffering and minimise the damage caused to the victims of drug-related crime and consumers of drugs.

3) Legally regulated market

CISTA will campaign to conduct an updated review of the cost-benefits of introducing a legally regulated cannabis market. There is a clear need for a better understanding of the demand for cannabis, which will only be achievable with better data on consumption, price and potency.

4) Evidence-based policies

In the UK the stasis in our public policy is radically at odds with the rest of the world. The consequences are borne by taxpayers, individuals and wider society. CISTA will initiate an immediate review to report on the effectiveness of the cannabis legalisation policy innovation in Spain, Portugal, United States, Uruguay and their impact on consumption, addiction and treatment and criminal activity.

5) Global medical summit

CISTA will convene a Global Medicinal Cannabis Summit in London in 2015. This Summit will welcome over 50 countries and over 500 politicians, scientists, physicians, NGOs and civil society representatives from across the world to share latest research and public policy developments relating to medical consensus that patients with AIDS, cancer, epilepsy and serious access to cannabis. It will be the biggest global meeting on the subject ever convened.

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