5 reasons to vote for Something New

As part of our election coverage, we've been asking each party the top five reasons why students should vote for them. Something New are a little different to most parties. They take an scientific approach to policy, and even have an open source manifesto which you can add to. Here's what James Smith, standing for Something New in Horsham, had to say...

Something New

We're a new party, here to bring British Democracy into the 21st century. We believe that we should embrace change and face the future with confidence, not turn away from it in fear. We want to present an optimistic vision of a better future, and inspire everyone to help build it together.

1) We do things differently

We're a party of the networked age, so we make all our policy transparently and openly on the web. There are no membership fees to take part, no massive conferences, and no backroom deals. There are just people connecting to each other and building a vision of a better future. You can think of it as being like Wikipedia for democracy.

We also think that policy should be based on rational assessment of evidence, not ideology, wherever possible. All too often, we are presented with evidence based on the policy that a government wants to push, not the other way round.

2) We know you care

Voter turnout is much lower in the young, but most traditional politicians think that's because you're not interested. We know that you *do* care though, more than ever before, but that our system doesn't hear you. We need to move our system forward so that it can hear everyone, so that we can all help arrive at better solutions.

One of the things we want to do is replace the House of Lords with a House of Citizens, where randomly-selected citizens inspect legislation, a bit like jury service. This would bring normal people into the process, rather than keeping everything inside the political bubble.

3) Facing the reality of climate change

Climate change is the biggest threat facing our civilisation, and it will hit hard in our lifetimes. We aren't acting quickly enough to solve the problem, because the solutions will be politically difficult. But we have all the technology we need - all that we need is the will. We want this generation to be able to look back with pride, and know that we were the ones who stepped up and handled the largest crisis humanity has ever faced.

4) Investing in innovation

We want to make sure we invest in the future, by strongly supporting science, research, and engineering. The UK is well positioned to become a high-tech innovative economy leading the world into the 21st century. By investing further in that expertise, we can create jobs in the real economy, and not just rely on financial services.

Innovation needs support at all levels, from startup companies across the country to our oldest universities. Making sure we invest in communications infrastructure, create technology hubs and science parks, and support small-scale innovation across the country will be essential if we are to make the most of the talent that is out there in every city, town and village.

5) The party of the future

If our democracy is still the same in 25 years, we'll have missed a huge opportunity. The world has changed in the last 25 years since the emergence of the web. The way you communicate is completely different to previous generations, and democracy has to change to take account of that.

In a world where everyone can have their say on any aspect of government, why do we need representatives to act for us, and only choose them every 5 years? We believe that the future of democracy is much more direct, putting citizens truly in control for the first time. Something New is a party that knows that democracy will inevitably change as the network revolution changes everything else. We're here to be part of that movement for change, and to help lead the UK into the future.

We've been speaking to other political parties over the past few weeks as part of our election coverage.

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