5 reasons students should vote Conservative

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As part of our election coverage, we've been asking each party the top five reasons why students should vote for them.

Here's what Mhairi Fraser, Director at Conservative Future Women and candidate for Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill had to say...

5 reasons to vote Conservative

As students, there’s always a certain degree of anxiety as university progresses. What will I do with my life after I graduate? Will there be a job for me out there? How will I support myself?

As Conservatives, we understand that young people want to get out there, achieve, and build secure lives for themselves and, in time, their future families. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to turn the economy around. Only a few years ago we were in the midst of a massive recession – but now the Conservative government has pulled us back up, and we’re the fastest growing economy in the developed world after the United States. That translates into more jobs, higher pay and a better standard of living: who could say no to that?!

We want to win the election on May 7th so that we can keep strengthening the country, and ensure that we can all enjoy the same – or even a higher – standard of living as our parents. So here’s the top five reasons why you should vote Conservative when polling day rolls round:

1) We have massively reduced youth unemployment, so there’s a greater chance of finding that job you want

The number of young people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance is at its lowest since the 1970s. We want to make sure that everyone who has worked at their education, whether that be at university or school or technical college, is able to get a job. In order to keep reducing youth unemployment we need a strong economy – and the Conservatives are the only party that can offer that.

2) Under the Conservatives, you get to take home more money for doing the same amount of work

We’ve increased the level of earnings at which you need to start paying income tax. You used to have to start paying tax once you earned £6,475, but now you can earn £10,475 without paying anything at all – which is why some of you with part-time jobs will have seen the amount you take home increase even if your salary has stayed the same.

3) We believe in equal rights – which is why we were the party who passed gay marriage into law

Conservatives fundamentally believe in freedom; your personal life is yours to do with as you please (as long as what you’re doing is legal!). So if you’re a man in a committed relationship with another man, or a woman with another woman, you have the right to be married just as much as heterosexuals do.

4) We believe the British public has the right to decide the future of this country more than any political party does

Which is why we’re committed to holding a referendum on whether Britain should leave the EU by the end of 2017 – something other parties have refused to do. So if you’re keen to keep working with our neighbours in France and Germany, or think we’d be better off out and trading with up and coming nations like India, you’ll be able to have your say.

5) And finally: we love this country

We’ve fought hard to keep this country together, because we think it’s at its best when Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland stand together, and we refuse to do any deal with any party that wants to break us up. We have a shared history to be proud of and an even brighter future ahead. Let’s keep achieving as we have over the last 5 years, and keep the Great in Great Britain.

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