5 ways to save and earn money (with no effort whatsoever)

Saving money is good. Being lazy is better. If only there was a way to be lazy in a way that saves or earns you money. Until we find a way to be paid to eat corn chips off our laps whilst watching Game of Thrones (oh, we did that already??) here are our tips for saving money whilst being lazy at the same time.

1) Get a pay as you go phone

Pay as you go phones used to be expensive, back when texts used to cost 10p each. It's y txt spch ws invented.

But now there are pay as you go deals where you don't pay per text, can get unlimited data and unlimited calls - all for less than a contract phone costs.

If you're the type of person who wants a quick, lazy way to save a lot of money, you can easily switch to a giffgaff pay as you go phone and save a lot of cash.

giffgaff offer a pay as you go service where you purchase monthly "goody bags" (automatically, if you're truly lazy) which you can taylor to suit your needs and budget. You can change your plan month to month (and pay less if you're feeling poor that month, or know you'll need to use less data) and cancel any time online.

On top of that, you get free calls and texts to all giffgaff numbers. So if your friends or family on giffgaff too, your phone bill will get very cheap indeed.

If you get you sim here for free and activate it, you'll automatically be entered to win 1 of 10 x iPhone 6 handsets.

What you get in your goodybags

£5 per month

  • 100 + extra UK minutes
  • 300 UK texts
  • 100 MB UK Data
  • Free to giffgaff numbers

£7.50 per month

  • 250 UK minutes
  • Unlimited UK texts
  • 500 MB UK data
  • Free to giffgaff numbers

£10 per month

  • 500 UK minutes
  • Unlimited UK texts
  • 1 GB UK data
  • Free to giffgaff numbers

£12 per month

  • 500 UK minutes
  • Unlimited UK texts
  • 2 GB UK data
  • Free to giffgaff numbers

£15 per month

  • 1,000 UK minutes
  • Unlimited UK texts
  • 4 GB UK data
  • Free to giffgaff numbers

£18 per month

  • 2,000 UK minutes
  • Unlimited UK texts
  • 6 GB UK data
  • Free to giffgaff numbers

£20 per month

  • Unlimited UK minutes
  • Unlimited UK texts
  • Always On UK data
  • Free to giffgaff numbers

All plans include 4G data at no extra cost.

2) Do your food shop online, immediately after a meal

Shopping in a supermarket is dangerous. No-one can look at that many delicious things all in one place and still have the discipline to walk out of there with a salad.

Whoever has walked past a packet of crumpets or some moroccan topped houmus without immediately adding it to their basket or trying to rip the packaging apart with their teeth or swallow it whole like a wolf is probably not human. It’s one of the classic signs they’ve been replaced by a body snatcher from outer-space.

If you shop online you don’t get this. Sure they have the “suggested items” down the sidebar, but you can’t smell suggested items (take it from someone who’s tried), or see how large and delicious they are. You’re less likely to make impulse buys.

You also don’t risk being distracted by brightly coloured packaging. Without pictures of cartoon monkeys offering you coco-pops, you might find that “chocolate style puff products” are just as delicious and a lot cheaper.

You can also occassionally take advantage of loopholes in online deliveries, and get £60 shops for only £15. You’re pushing trolleys when you should be using a mouse finger at most.

3) Mine Bitcoins or Dogecoins

mine bitcoins

Ok you’re lazy, but there’s no reason why your computer should be.

If you’ve got a computer, it can mine bitcoins, Dogecoins or other crypto-currency. Crypto-currency is electronic money which is “mined” by computers. Your computer performs calculations and processes transactions of other users, and in return you earn crypto-currency.

Cryptocurrency has had its ups and downs, but there is real life money to be made from it, with no effort whatsoever. One man lost a hard drive last year containing Bitcoins worth over four million pounds.

Bitcoin looked like it was going to take off big time last year, before dipping again. But it can now be exchanged for real money, or be used to pay for services online. The ups and downs of cryptocurrency value means it may not be the best currency to invest in, but there's no reason why you can't mine coins and sell them later on (as they're essentially free). If you are thinking about it, now is the time to mine them. They get more difficult to mine the more time goes on, with fewer "coins" being put into circulation.

One more little incentive. You’re going to need the Bitcoins for when the machines take over and only accept robot currency.

4) Get paid for having opinions

You can get paid for your opinions. Not all of them. Your secret opinion that cats are really a shit versions of dogs won't earn you any cash.

But you can get paid to take surveys and earn some decent money. You can earn £50 from YouGov without too much effort, which isn't bad for time spent working in front of the television.

More surveys you can take in order to earn money can be found on our "make money" main page. For working in front of the television, it's not bad money.

5) Get your tax back

claim tax backIf you have a part-time job, you're probably owed tax back by the government. It is estimated that around 90% of former students who were employed whilst at uni are owed tax back.

You could be owed thousands of pounds, and can get it back very easily by filling in a quick form and sending it off. If that still sounds too complicated, here's our guide for how to get your tax back.

It's probably money you didn't realise you have, and will feel like free money for doing a very lazy task.

This article was sponsored by GiffGaff. Don't be scared. Try it.