5 universities you should go to (if you want the crap scared out of you by ghosts)

The most haunted university

Whether you’re sober or drunk, university life will occasionally provide moments you struggle to explain. However, if you study in certain locations you’re more likely to be freaked out by the paranormal. From the bizarre and mysterious to the absurd and frankly creepy, here are five spooky tales from university towns.

1. Derby

According to a 2013 study by the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (yes, really), there were 14 paranormal sightings per 10,000 people, making Derby the most haunted place in the UK. Nobody’s sure if there is a link, but this was where England’s last hanging, drawing and quartering took place. If you’ve ever been to the Dolphin pub for a quiz night you may get more than you bargained for, as there are thought to be four resident ghosts haunting the boozer. There have been a number of bizarre sightings near the A6 with experts believing the lay lines can cause psychic energy.

St. Andrews

In medieval times this was a place at the heart of Scotland’s religious life and is thought to be one of the country's most haunted places. The most famous tale of them all, is that of the White Lady who supposedly haunts the university's cathedral grounds wearing a long white dress. In 1868 two stonemasons fixing a tower in the area, broke into a chamber where they found a coffin which contained the preserved body of a young woman in a white dress and white leather gloves.

3. Durham

Today around 100 first year students live within the walls of Durham castle. Back in the 19th century this was where Lady Grey, wife of Bishop Van Mildert, fell to her death. According to legend, she moves up and down the castle's black staircase, freaking out students. Other haunted guests allegedly include Frederick Copeman, one of Durham's earliest students, who jumped off the cathedral's tower after failing his exams.

4. Oxford

Home to one of the world’s most respected universities, Oxford also has a number of haunted landmarks. Apparently the headless apparition of John Crocker haunts the site of his tomb. Those pulling an all-nighter at the St John's College library have also spotted a headless man holding a candle while kicking his head along the ground. This is supposed to be the ghost of former White Scholar and Oxford chancellor Archbishop William Laud, who in 1645, was beheaded for treason. Other strange sightings included a case in 1968 on the grounds surrounding Magdalen College. It was here where a student told the press he had spotted a headless figure silently gliding towards him.

5. Southampton

Rumours are rife that there existed an ancient burial ground on the university’s Avenue Campus. Tales of spooky goings on have been backed up by security staff on the late shift. They told a local newspaper that furniture and doors have moved on their accord. Many students agree that the building is rather creepy at night.

Does your university have a spooky history? Have you seen a ghost on campus? Let us know below in the comments.