​5 Destinations You Should Visit After University

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You’re young and have plenty of time (sure, a bit cash short), but there is no better time to go travelling. There are a million awesome adventures out there, so why don’t you pack a bag, your selfie stick and do something amazing. Got nothing planned? It’s time to start thinking about countries you could explore. StudentUniverse has given us its top five destinations that you should visit after University, to help you start to decide:


Just finished Uni? What about spending some time in the student Mecca that is Thailand. With flights relatively cheap and accommodation even cheaper, there hasn’t been any time like the present to visit this stunning country. According to TripAdvisor's annual TripIndex survey, Thailand is one of the most affordable international destinations and this includes food prices as well, so leave room for some street cuisine.

Thailand hosts one of the most legendary Full Moon parties, volunteering programs with outdoor excursions and has a range of beautiful beaches such as Koh Samet, Ko Samui and Pattaya. So no matter if you’re an adventure lover or thrill seeker, Thailand offers a perfect blend of culture, spirituality and partying.


If you’re looking for the ultimate gap year experience destination or even a summer break, then you need to head on down under to Australia. Just remember that during our summer, it'll be winter in Australia. Don't worry though, Australian winters aren’t like UK winters, climates and temperatures vary greatly depending on where you go (Australia is huge). Melbourne gets really cold, but central Australia is only really bearable in the winter, as it’s a desert.

Your first port of call should be Sydney (it's where you're likely to fly into anyway). Make sure you check out the Sydney Harbour, Three Sisters Rocks and the Broken Head Beach whilst you’re there. If you are a lover of animals then hit up Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth where you can take in its wildlife, everything from Koalas, Kangaroos and Wallabies. The WA’s Monkey Mia is probably the most famous location in Australia where you can have the opportunity to swim with dolphins. If you are a sports fan then you shouldn’t miss the Melbourne Cricket Ground, which also served as the home ground of the South Melbourne Football Club for more than a century.


If you’re looking to stay a bit close to home, then you must visit Prague. ‘The Rome of Eastern Europe’, Prague has become a top tourist destination because of its graceful medieval centre and its brilliantly cheap prices. Prague is full of culture, art and €1 beers! Home to Eastern Europe’s largest club, with five floors and a bar made entirely of ice, the city is pretty geared up towards young tourists.


If you’re looking to escape after graduation, then you should consider visiting Auckland. New Zealand’s, largest capital; Auckland offers a range of outdoor activities, scenic landscapes and very affordable student pricing. Whether you’re looking to skydive sail, go water rafting, or skiing, there is no way you’ll get bored in this magnificent city. And, if you fancy staying in New Zealand for a little longer than the summer, this is a popular, friendly destination for Gap Year adventurers.


If you’re looking to go travelling on a grand scale and we mean large, then you need to visit Shanghai. The largest city in China, Shanghai is a very student friendly capital, translated Shanghai means megalopolis, which makes this urban city the perfect places to go travelling. If you’re looking to meet new people, then try staying in a hostel as you are sure to meet people on the same journey as yourself. If you’re looking for a trip that’s going to change the way you look at the world then Shanghai is where you need to be.