​5 Best Cashback No Brainers For Students

Cashback no brainers

As you may already know, cashback is a brilliant way of making money for nothing. (If you don’t know what cashback is, our guide will tell you everything you need.)

However, you probably don’t know what a cashback no brainer is. Put simply, it’s when you get more in cashback than you paid for your purchase in the first place!

We’re here to tell you how you can use them to maximise your cashback so it really does pay out. The best no brainers await your attention below…

Get from A to B for zero…

1. Car Insurance

car insurance cashback nobrainers

Running a car is one of the most expensive things you can do as a student, yet sometimes it’s the best travel option in the face of rising public transport costs.

Because your vehicle is pricey to maintain, having it insured is a general no brainer, as well as a no brainer of the cashback variety!

Signing up to GoCompare’s Car Insurance is free in the first place, but you get cashback on it to the value of £5.40 (cashback rates are subject to change both up and down).

Here’s the thing. You make money from zero spend! Sometimes the gods of finance really do smile on us…

The healthy kick delivered to your door…

2. Health food

health food cashback no brainers

A student diet isn’t necessarily the best you can eat. In fact it’s probably got more calories than an elephant with its trunk in a pool of melted butter.

Getting on the first rung of the healthy eating ladder can be a struggle with so many temptations around. So why not have nourishing snacks sent to your home…?

Graze supply a range of tasty boxes containing all you need to unclog those arteries. The cashback is £1.05 from TopCashBack. It’s modest, but where else can you earn as you eat…?

You might be wondering: How can I capitalise on my new found health? We’ve got more food for thought right here.

Romance at great rates…

3. Online dating

online dating cashback no brainersThe days where people would laugh at you about looking for love online seem to be over. More people than ever are hooking up on dating sites.

If you’re a serious-minded person who doesn’t enjoy the rough and tumble of the student union, then surfing for the perfect partner could be the option for you.

On a less romantic note, there’s a cashback no brainer in it for you at Match.com, worth a generous £5.25 following your free sign up.

Want to know the best part? You could meet the love of your life taking part! Though be careful, as there are some risks involved.

A productive tip…

4. Consumer affairs

cashback nobrainersThe marketplace for products, from laptops to loo seats has expanded to an almost uncontrollable degree. It’s tough to know the brand names to trust these days.

Consumer advice is always a popular industry, with millions of people needing guidance on the best things to buy, and what to do when it all goes wrong.

Which is where… 'Which' comes in.

Which are the country’s most respected consumer champions. And they just got a bit more interesting with the news you can get a big cashback no brainer from them over £5. Cashback rates are subject to change both up and down, so keep your eye on Quidco's site!

You only have to spend £1 to get your hands on the cashback goodness. Which consumer company should you pick? The answer is clear!

Hearing is believing…

5. Audiobooks

audiobooks cashback

The last thing you may want to do in your spare time is read after hitting those books. That’s what makes audiobooks a good option for stimulating your mind beyond campus.

Sit back, shut your eyes and press play to hear exciting stories read by famous names. Easy on the eye and a treat for the ear.

Audible are arguably the most recognisable name in the audiobook industry at the moment. You can earn a surprisingly high cashback amount of £4.00 for zero outlay.

It gets better. You can enjoy a wide range of content, from biographies to thrillers, by way of comedies and dramas. This is perhaps the only no brainer on the list that actively engages your brain…!