5 bargain wines that actually taste good

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Written by SMS blogger Alice Longhurst-Jones from Wineculturist, Edited by Charlotte Burns

Ever found yourself on your knees, scouring the bottom of the supermarket wine shelf for the cheapest bottle of wine? Then get it home, rip it open, only to be greeted with the glorious aromas of … sweetened sick.

We've all been there. But it doesn't have to be like this. I’ve tasted my way through hordes of cheap wines, and I’m about to let you in on a big secret. Put that Echo Falls rosé back on the shelf and listen up! Truth is, that ungodly lowest shelf does have decent booze. You just have to know what to look for.

Here are my top 5 picks to help you revolutionize your student drinking experience without spending a penny more.

1. Hilltop Estate Eva’s Vineyard (£4.79)

Surprisingly, this bargain wine comes from none other than Britain’s most pretentious supermarket, Waitrose. While you’re picking up your free coffee with your mywaitrose card, swing by its wine aisles and seek out this stunning summery white.

Wow your friends with your newfound wine knowledge as you tell them it’s named after the winemaker, Eva Keresztury, who uses a mixture of indigenous Hungarian grape varieties along with Pinot Grigio and Chenin Blanc. Not bad for under a fiver, eh?

2. Aldi The Exquisite Collection Marsanne IGP Pays d’Oc France 2015 (£5.99)

Can’t afford to jet off on an exotic foreign holiday this year? You needn’t feel left out with this refreshing white from the South of France. Serve well chilled from the comfort of your sun lounger and turn your weekend into a mini staycation.

But wait, there’s more - Aldi will even deliver for free if you order a case of six! Now that’s what I call a stress-free vacay!

3. Morrisons Merlot (£4)

If shelling out £6 on a bottle seems a bit pricey, you’re gonna love this dude. Morrisons has been getting a lot of praise recently for its wine selection, but this own brand bottle is off the scale for value for money. Soft, fruity and incredibly easy-going, this is the perfect cheap ‘n cheerful pizza night wine.

4. Silver Ghost Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 Central Valley (£4.99)

If big, intense reds are more your thing, Majestic has you covered. Smooth and incredibly fruity, this is a real crowd-pleaser. The only catch is you’ll need to order a case of six to get it for this price. Not a problem, my friend! You can mix and match a case from their great selection of £5 wines, so team up with a couple of mates and get your weekend drinking sorted.

5. The Co-operative Cava Rosado Brut, Spain NV (£5.99)

Finally, here’s one to really impress your BFFs. Pink, fizzy and sophisticated, this is the perfect Cava for just about any summer ritual. Pool party, barbecue, or local park, this handsome fella is all you’ll need. And all it’s yours for the price of two Big Macs. You’re welcome.