4 ways to travel the world for FREE!

Travel for free

Many people want to travel the world but don’t follow up on that dream. Why? One reason is the time it takes. The other is, of course, money.

You may have read the title of this article and thought “No way!” But wait. We’re here to tell you that wandering the globe can be done without spending a dime.

We can’t guarantee things like free plane tickets, but once you’re at your destination there are various ways you can enjoy life without swiping at that banking app.

Our 4-strong list combines a great experience of world culture with a zero spend. From idyllic isolation to meeting the locals, there’s something for everyone…

4. Sitting

Angloville travel

If your idea of the perfect break is sitting around enjoying the views in comfort, then house sitting could be the right path for you.

It’s so simple. Provided you’ve got a clean record and are a dab hand with the housework, people are happy to have you looking after things in their absence.

Be careful, as the onus could be on you to pay for utilities you use. However, with some sits you get paid so it can take the edge off. More info can be found here.

Also should you be an animal lover, you might find yourself with some cute pets to look after… or a great big slobbering dog. It really depends where you end up!

3. Sailing

Angloville Sailing

When it comes to a proper change of scene, it doesn’t get much better than life on the ocean wave. We’re talking cruise ships rather than pirate ships by the way…

This is the best part. Your food and board are free, and you get paid. The work is hard, but surely worth it for the sights you’ll see on deck or through your porthole.

Cruise ship jobs are varied - you could be anything from a bartender to a cabaret act. As long as you don’t get sea sick, it’s all good.

A similar role is that of a flight attendant, where your costs are covered. If you don’t mind the constant sight of clouds and ready meals then you’re golden!

2. Teaching

Teaching abroad

Are you a good communicator? Then you should seriously consider teaching English to people in places such as Japan, Vietnam and South Korea.

The writing’s on the wall. Or rather on the whiteboard! You don’t necessarily have to have a qualification and the rewards are free accommodation with expenses covered.

By getting a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, you open up a whole new world (so to speak) of possibilities. What’s not to like about that?

This is arguably the perfect free travel option for English speakers. You’re going there to work, but also soak up local culture, doing some learning yourself into the bargain…

1. Volunteering

The exchange of money is such a big part of everyday life that sometimes people forget you can do things without it and still feel satisfied! Volunteering is great for this.

Here’s the thing. There’s volunteering at your local charity shop and helping out at the nearby food bank. Then there’s volunteering at locations across the globe!

From going to school in Sudan to hitting the mountain trail there are all kinds of adventures to dive into. You may be expected to make a donation in some cases.

Angloville is the best when it comes to volunteering around Europe. This placement combines the 4 ways we discussed in one exciting and diverse package!

Instead of teaching English, you engage local people in conversation all day, building a unique bond. There’s also the option to study for a TEFL qualification as you chat.

And you know what? It’s free room and board. With destinations such as Malta, Ireland, Poland or Czech Republic, the opportunity for personal development is huge.