4 Reasons Why You Need Superdrug Mobile’s £10 a Month SIM-Only Plan

Superdrug mobile

You’re partying hard and studying even harder. So you need a mobile plan that’s fast, easy and adaptable. That’s where Superdrug comes in.

Wait a minute, Superdrug? The place where you can get a shaver, a sandwich and a tube of toothpaste all in one shop? The very same.

If you’re a Health & Beautycard member they’re offering a great £10 a month SIM-only plan that’ll knock your socks off. (And don’t worry if you can’t find them again. They sell socks also.)

Here are the basics…

1. It’s Quick

Once you buy a Superdrug Mobile SIM, everything happens quickly. If you do it online the SIM card will be through your letterbox within 2 working days.

It’s that fast. Once you smell the burn marks on your doormat, you’ll know the card has arrived! Or you could just pick one up in your local Superdrug store if you’re passing…

Delivery is free, so when Superdrug say a tenner they mean it. All you have to do is stick it in your phone and you’re away.

2. It’s Easy

Superdrug Mobile won’t make you jump through hoops. There’s no hanging around for a credit check. They’re as welcoming as a teddy bear holding a mug of hot chocolate.

We haven’t told you the best part. You get to keep your number. Yes, even if you’re on another network! With minimal fuss you can shift digits to your new SIM.

And if that wasn’t easy enough, then how about text alerts that let you know when you’re running out of data? They do all the remembering for you. Easy peasy lemon squeezy (we’re not sure whether they sell lemonade by the way).

3. It’s Adaptable

The Superdrug Mobile SIM plan is very flexible. Generous amounts of data or cash add-ons are at your fingertips, as well as unlimited calls and texts - yay!

Here’s the thing. No-one likes to feel nailed down by a mobile contract, especially a student. So Superdrug Mobile don’t do that, they’re contract free. If you need to leave at any time, it’s fine.

Plus if you’re one of those people with data to spare, the plan is perfect. Because the leftovers roll over to next month, instead of getting wasted down the data drain.

Size isn’t everything, right? They feel the same way, which is why a range of SIM sizes are on offer. In fact you could say they’re highly SIM-pathetic (sorry).

4. It’s Worth It

Superdrug Mobile are all about rewards for their customers. That’s why they’ll add an extra £10 credit onto your Health & Beautycard just for activating the SIM. That’s technically one month of free service, what a treat!

It doesn’t end there. Once you’re signed up you get double points on everything you buy. That’s a whole lot of toothpaste!

With that kind of value, the Superdrug Mobile £10 SIM is not to be sneezed at. Which reminds us, cold remedies are available too.

To find out more about Superdrug Mobile, you can visit their website here.