3 Tips for Fantastic Freshers Week Finance

Freshers week finance

Freshers Week is when a student makes their mark on campus. Those first few days are important for introducing yourself to buddies-to-be and making contacts.

Of course, having paid big money to study you’ve got to keep an eye on your finances. Pretty difficult if you want to enjoy yourself once you arrive!

Our fantastic tips are the perfect way to start your new life at uni. These apps will help you stay on top of your accounts, making those day to day struggles a whole lot easier…Want to win a £100 App Store & iTunes Gift Card? Enter our competition.

1. Make a budget


Financial responsibility doesn’t happen by magic. It takes effort and finding a place to start is challenging, especially if you don’t know pounds from pence.

Take our advice. Budgeting is a major first step. With a budget you work out what you want to spend on a weekly or monthly basis and stick to it.

Pennies is an app that focuses on numbers in a stress-free way. It’s also synced to the iCloud, where your information stays safe and accessible.

The app doesn’t baffle you with diagrams. If you want something cool but also basic, this is the app for you.

It’s also got a colourful design, which is useful when it comes to monitoring your spending. Budgets become colour-coded and easy to identify.

2. Keep track


It’s simpler to stay on top of things than you think. That’s because the right app is just a couple of swipes away.

Here’s a good tip. Spendee takes the mystery out of bank accounts and budgets. It categorizes everything so you’re not scratching your head over what goes where.

It has an elegant layout that gives you all the details with none of the headaches. And fluid enough to help you save for one off occasions such as holidays.

Spendee combines the practical and the aspirational. The app encourages smart behaviour for a brighter tomorrow, so your present and future are in safe hands.

3. Pay your bills


Nobody likes it. It’s just a fact of life. Bills! You’ll find them on your doormat or in your inbox regular as clockwork. And what’s worse they keep going up.

Let us help. You don’t have to do a juggling act when remembering what to pay. Apps notify you about settling your bills.

Spendee tracks all pressing payments and lets you know when it’s time to cough up. You’ll never miss a payment again… much as you may want to!

Best of all, the app has a range of uses, from household budgets to general finance. Together with its bill tracking feature, this makes Spendee a great all-rounder.

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